We take pride in offering a personalised and professional service while delivering a wealth of knowledge accumulated by our experienced people.

Pat Murphy

General Manager
Keaney Financial Services
Pat Murphy is a highly accomplished financial advisor with over three decades of experience in leadership, management, and business development across the Financial Services sector.

A Certified CPD Member of the Life Insurance Association, he has received numerous accolades during his career in recognition of his outstanding commitment to client satisfaction and leadership capabilities, including the Leadership & Development Manager Award.

Pat’s specialisation lies in crucial areas including family and income security, retirement planning, and estate planning. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving financial landscape, he provides invaluable guidance to clients seeking to navigate these complex domains.

Terry Keaney, ACCI

Managing director
Keaney Financial Services
With over 40 years’ experience in insurance broking, Terry is responsible for ensuring the company delivers professional advice and service to our clients.

Terry, together with Pat and the team, advises on business infrastructure and service delivery to ensure that the team delivers a professional service.

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